Beautiful Brides

I am so very blessed in my role as a marriage celebrant – I get to see and spend time with glowingly  beautiful, very happy brides and grooms and their families every weekend.

Brides spend so much time preparing to ensure they are at their most beautiful on their wedding day The look on every groom’s face when he sees his bride for the very first time as ‘his bride’ is a moment to treasure.

Where do the preparations begin – for many it is the fitness routine to ensure their dream gown looks wonderful on them, the healthy eating and skin care plan to ensure glowing skin and are the hair and make-up trials.  After all the photos from this one day will be shared with friends and family for many years to come –even shared with future generations.

My first tip is to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your gown.  You will not enjoy your day if you feel the need to frequently adjust your dress of if you are worried about your hair.  When you try on gowns, stand, walk around, up and down stairs (if that will be necessary on your wedding day) even dance and of course sit down in each gown you are considering to see how each one will feel in all situations.  Be sure to try on the gowns with heels of approximately the same height as you think you will wear on the day.

Next is make-up.  It is a rare bride who does not shed a tear or two on her wedding day.  Eyes brimming with emotional tears make for lovely photos – streaks down your face because your make-up has washed off do not! Please, please have a full make-up trial and when you do, take along some eye-drops.  When your make-up is complete put lots of eye-drops in to see what happens when you cry.  Quality make-up from a professional make-up artist should stand up to the test, but I have seen make-up wash down the bride’s face ahead of her tears – not a good look!

With these tips you should enjoy your day from when you first open your eyes in the morning, through to the last dance and you will nod off happily as Mrs …. with everyone overwhelmed by how wonderful you looked right to the end.

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