Do you come to our rehearsal?

Absolutely yes!  As a professional marriage celebrant I believe it is imperative that I am a part of your on-site rehearsal.

Anything is possible – even helping to prepare the grounds!

I liaise with your venue co-ordinator to ensure we all work together on the day.  As I conduct ceremonies  from Flaxton to Montville and Maleny, I know and have an excellent rapport with all venue managers and wedding co-ordinators.

A wedding rehearsal usually goes something like this:

You may complete final details with the venue co-ordinator (particularly if your reception is at the same venue).

You complete your final, pre-marriage legal paper work with me.

We determine how to best position the wedding party in the ‘wedding ceremony space’ or altar.

Working with the wedding co-ordinator if there is one, we than walk through the ceremony from the bride’s arrival to the final recessional checking for things like:

  • timing of music
  • walking and standing
  • use of microphones and setting their levels to suit various voices
  • practising for any special rituals
  • in fact anything necessary to ensure everyone is comfortable on the big day.

Whilst a rehearsal can be done in as little as 10 minutes I find most wedding ceremony rehearsals take around one hour.

Information supplied by Merlin Coughlan, Flaxton, Montville &  Maleny Wedding Celebrant