After the Wedding

Registering your Marriage

registering a marriage Montville Maleny Flaxton celebrant

Finalising the paperwork to register a marriage.

In the week after your wedding I will register your marriage with the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Your Official Marriage Certificate

The Official Marriage Certificate from the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state in which your marriage took place is the only acceptable document to prove that you are married.  I am happy to arrange for BDM  to be send this to you – there is a small fee that BDM will ask you to pay.

To Change Your Name

Change of family name through marriage is, in Australia, a recognised social convention and not a legal process. Either party can take the other’s family name or either one or both may decide on joint names without a legal change of name (formally known as Change of name by Deed Poll).  Similarly, at any point you can revert to using the name on your birth certificate at any time you choose.

If you have decided to change your name then you may use your spouse’s name from the moment the marriage is solemnized, however, you will need to obtain a copy of the registered Marriage Certificate in order to effect a name change with various organisations.  I recommend beginning with your driver licence or passport as these are primary documents in the eyes of the law.

  • Drivers Licence:

You will need to contact Queensland Transport or the relevant Department of Transport in your home state.

  • Passport:

Information about changing your name on an Australian passport can be obtained from the Passports Office.  If you leave your passport in your maiden name, it is important to ensure that your travel documents are also in your maiden name.

  • Medicare:

Changes to your Medicare card details, such as change of name, gender or date of birth, must be done in person at your local Medicare Service Centre. Supporting documentation will be required.

Appropriate supporting documents are:

  • current driver’s licence
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • legal document
  • bills such as telephone or electricity accounts.

Once your name has been changed your old card will be cancelled. You will be given your new card number on a temporary card to use until you receive your new card in the mail.  Click here for further information.

  • Australian Tax Office:

Information can be obtained from ATO.

  • Electoral Roll

You may download the form to change you name on the Electoral Roll here.

  •  Others

You should also consider any bank, investment, insurance and superannuation, accounts you have as well as memberships in clubs and community organisatons.