Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

A baby naming or baby blessing ceremony is a joyous way to welcome your new baby into your family.Baby-naming

Many parents, who hold no particular religious beliefs, choose to have a Name Giving Ceremony or Welcoming Ceremony for their baby to both introduce the child to family and friends and ceremonially bestow a name upon the child.

Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies are a very important part of family celebrations and are delightful occasions for family and close friends. It is at such a ceremony that a public declaration of the child’s god/guide-parents, name-parents or guardians can be publicly recognized and celebrated. Usually they take a special role in the ceremony.

Some children are named shortly after birth, although the first birthday or another birth anniversary are also popular times for such a ceremony. Sometimes, other children in the family may have their name ceremoniously bestowed upon them at the same time, if they were not given such a ceremony when younger.

Photo by Tanya Chesterton-Smith

Photo by Tanya Chesterton-Smith

The age of the child or person being named is not critical, and an adult can also be named. This may occur of an adult decides to legally change his or her name and wishes to publicly announce the change.

A Commemorative Certificate is presented to the child’s parents or person involved as a part of the ceremony. Certificates can be arranged for other significant participants in the ceremony.

Montville and Maleny are family friendly communities and offer superb locations for baby blessing celebrations.

Information supplied by Merlin Coughlan, Montville Maleny Marriage Celebrant