Celebration of Marriage

Renewal of Vows or a Celebration of Marriage

Peter and Roylene choose to celebrate their Ruby Anniversary with a special ceremony in the rainforest at Narrows Escape, Montville

These ceremonies are usually conducted to:

~ celebrate a significant anniversary and the growth of the relationship. These ceremonies allow a couple to reflect on their journey together and project how they wish their relationship to progress into the future.  Often, children of the couple play an active role throughout the celebration.

~ enable family & friends to affirm their love and support for their marriage – for example a couple who were married overseas in the home country of one partner may hold a Celebration of Marriage Ceremony to allow the other partner’s family to share in their joy and publicly offer their support.

~ acknowledge passing through a time of trial and challenge with the ceremony allowing them to publicly declare their intention to move forward together as a couple, strengthened by the challenges they have overcome and supported by close family and friends. Such ceremonies are inevitably a very moving experience for all.

These ‘ceremonies of celebration’ usually have a format similar to a wedding ceremony, without the legal elements, or can be uniquely crafted in a structure chosen by the couple with my guidance and support if needed.