Celebration of Marriage

A Celebration of Marriage is a wonderful way to

  • celebrate a significant anniversary
  • celebrate with your family and friends if you eloped or were married overseas
  • just celebrate your love for one another

I have created and presented ceremonies for all couples in all of these categories – some come every year on their anniversary for a private celebratory ceremony, some come to ‘reset’ their wedding date, some combine it with a blessing or naming ceremony for their first child.

Many people refer to this ceremony a a ‘Renewal of Vows’. This term sits uncomfortably with me as vows are vows and made for life. In my mind, unless your vows have been broken, which does happen, you are celebrating the wonderful relationship you have created and built together.

If there is a real need to renew your vows as a resetting of your marriage, I am happy to prepare and present a special, usually private, ceremony for you to assist in the rebuilding process.

Merlin Coughlan