Writing a ceremony

Writing a wedding ceremonySitting down to write each ceremony is a challenge – I have to come up with something that suits the couple, that expresses their love and their relationship in a way that truly reflects them.  I love that this process stretches me and inspires me to find the best words, the best phrases, the most appropriate ways of expressing a couple’s love.  There is a deep and intrinsic satisfaction in creating something in which the guests ‘hear’ the couple reflected, a ceremony that sounds like them rather than something generic that could be used for anyone being married.  Writing may not be the most glamourous part of my work, but it is the part that enlivens my soul and awakens my spirit – a part I cannot live without.

A sense of excitement and anticipation trickles through my veins when I sit down with a couple’s questionnaire responses and read them for the very first time.  The stories I get to hear are all different, but they are all as awesome and amazing as they are tender and loving.  It is because of this that I am inspired to create the best possible ceremony for each couple who have chosen me for their wedding ceremony.  This is the creative part of my work, the part that takes the most time, the most concentrated energy because without a good, no a great, script, I cannot present a fantastic ceremony on the wedding day and that would be disappointing my couple and to myself, not to mention boring for the guests.

Every wedding ceremony that I present in Montville, Maleny, Flaxton, in fact anywhere, is a bespoke ceremony written with just one couple’s wedding day in mind.

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