Wet weather – need it spoil your wedding day?

With the beautiful scenery and coastal vistas around Montville, Flaxton and Maleny, many couples choose the wonderful option of having their wedding ceremony outdoors.  Whilst this is usually not a problem, it is always best to have an ‘inclement weather’ option.

Inclement weather can mean rain and wind or a heat wave!  Whilst you may have your heart set on being married in ‘Nature’s Chapel’, it is also important to consider the needs and comfort of your guests, especially in summer.  A ‘water station’, perhaps with bottles of delicious, refreshing, Montville Mist water and parasols are often offered to guests by considerate wedding hosts.

Fortunately here in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland we have many wonderful venues that have superb wet weather options – so good in fact, that for many couples, this is their first choice!

Flaxton Gardens is one quite marvellous venue that has many options for your wedding ceremony and your reception.

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