~ ~ Ritual and Symbolism in your Wedding Ceremony ~ ~

Your ceremony itself is a ritual that has developed over time across many different cultures and continues to evolve as couples seek to combine the traditional with the personal.  It may be an added element to the ceremony itself  or something as simple as placing the wedding photographs of beloved grandparents and parents on the signing table for all to see.

The ritual or symbol that you choose must resonate with each of you.  Adding special symbolism to your ceremony allows for the expression of profound feelings – those that may be too deep to express in mere words – and can lift your ceremony to a deeper level of intimacy and meaningfulness as it reaches into the spirit or psyche of the participants and guests.

These symbolic acts may be something that has been adapted from another culture or time or something created especially for your ceremony – whichever, the symbolism used can become an ongoing ritual within your family life and can be re-enacted on other special occasions.

There are many ways to add symbolism and ritual to your ceremony – those listed below are just a beginning.

    • Hand fasting
    • Setting your vows into stone
    • Sand Ceremony
    • Pouring of the Water
    • Ring Warming
    • Unity Candle
    • Bell Ringing
    • Exchange of Roses
    • Sharing the Wine
    • Blessing Stones or Crystals

If you would like to consider including additional rituals in your Montville or Maleny wedding ceremony please ask for further information and ideas. Contact Debi today,

Information supplied by Montville Marriage Celebrant, Maleny Wedding Celebrant.