Preparing your Wedding Ceremony – from when we first meet to your wedding day & beyond.

When we first meet we will chat about what is important to you in your wedding ceremony. We discuss your likes, dislikes and beliefs.  I understand that, for many couples, it is a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ yet so I offer ideas and suggestions as we chat and I get a first glimpse of your individual personalities. Montville Marriage Celebrant

Each couple is at a different stage of their ceremony preparation and so I have a resource folder that I give to my clients. This includes a booklet that describes the various stages of a ceremony as well as a guide to writing your own vows.  Also included in the folder is a CD containing sample ceremonies – all ones I have written unless otherwise stated, options for various stages of the ceremony including vows, information about unity rituals and a large selection of readings and poems suitable for a wedding ceremony. Maleny Marriage Celebrant

A very important document on this CD is the “Couples Questionnaire” – around 20 questions that I ask you each to answer.  This tells me what you have I common, how you are different, what you each believe about marriage, why you are getting married, what you see in each other.   It also allows me to get a peek into different aspects of your journey together and these moments often provide the laughter and the knowing nods in your ceremony.

An important part of this meeting is to give you a guideline of time frames as to when we need to get all this info together and this information is given in a follow up letter.   I personally like to being working on each ceremony about 3 months our form the wedding date – this gives us time to redraft to ensure it is perfect, whilst still keeping it fresh for you both.

The “Notice of Intent to Marry” paperwork may be completed at this or a subsequent meeting or it may be done by post.  As the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a wedding destination and most of my couples live far away from here, these details are most often attended to by post.  Some couples do like to have several meetings with me and that is always okay, but more often than not, we chat on the phone and email!  Quite often I am asked for advice as to other wedding professionals in the area that you need.  Because I am active in the local community I am in a position to know many of these service providers and can offer suggestions that will be in keeping with your style. Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant

In the meantime, behind the scenes, as well as writing your ceremony, I am attending to all of the legal paperwork that I must do for your wedding.  10 to 14 days before the wedding I will send you a copy of the completed forms for you to check to ensure there are no errors and the final versions will be brought to rehearsal for one last check.  Included with these document swill by you application form for your registered marriage certificate if you are having me arrange it for you as one of your must sign this application form. Maleny Marriage Celebrant

I believe that a rehearsal is essential to ensure comfort and relaxation on your wedding day.  At the very least I insist on an on-sight meeting to discuss the logistics of the wedding ceremony.   Quite often the rehearsal is just a day or two before the wedding.   At the rehearsal we walk through the various parts of the ceremony to ensure that everybody is comfortable and happy with how it all goes! Flaxton Marriage Celebrant

On your wedding day I arrive, with my assistant (my wonderful husband) 30 minutes before the ceremony start time.  We set up and test the PA, ensure the ceremony layout is just as we have discussed.  I check in with the groom and his supporters, make sure the rings are with the right person – I actually request to see the rings to be absolutely sure :).  If the bride is getting ready on site, I may pop in to say a quick hello and reassure her that everything is on track.

After the ceremony, I discreetly pack up my things, say a quick goodbye to you both and leave you to your celebrations for there is still work I must do for you.  Your marriage must be registered with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages, I prepare copy of your ceremony in a little booklet and send it to you with a letter giving you information about changing your name and any other information you have indicated you may need such as gaining a Apostille Stamp or Authentication on your certificate.  Flaxton Marriage Celebrant

Information prepared by Montville Maleny Marriage Celebrant – Merlin Coughlan

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Marriage Celebrant

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