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Choosing your marriage celebrant

Choosing Your Celebrant Your marriage celebrant should have the experience and knowledge you would expect from a professional.  Many are ‘weekend celebrants’ holding down a full time job and see their celebrant practice as a hobby. Marriage celebrants come in all shapes, beliefs and capacities to give you the ceremony that you want.  Choosing your…

Extreme Weather at your wedding

Usually when we think of a back-up plan for inclement weather, it is rain we are considering, but this past month has caused me to think of extreme heat also.  Whilst the skies may be a gorgeous, clear blue, making for brilliant photos -the heat and possible sunburn can really cause distress and, at times, illness amongst…

A Personalised Ceremony – what does it mean?

Take a look at the websites of any number of celebrants and you will see phrases promising: to create a unique wedding ceremony for you every ceremony I conduct is unique and special to you a marriage ceremony that is tailored to your taste and closely follows your wishes a ceremony that is exclusive to…


It is always a wonderful surprise to open the letter box and find a thank you note from a happy couple.  I share just a few so that you may learn  what other brides and grooms valued about my services. And often they come by email: From: Alice Atyeo Date: 9 July 2012 5:52:29 PM AEST To:…

Wet weather – need it spoil your wedding day?

With the beautiful scenery and coastal vistas around Montville, Flaxton and Maleny, many couples choose the wonderful option of having their wedding ceremony outdoors.  Whilst this is usually not a problem, it is always best to have an ‘inclement weather’ option. Inclement weather can mean rain and wind or a heat wave!  Whilst you may…

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