A Destination Wedding – is it for you?

When most of us think destination wedding we then to think exotic locations like Fiji, Bora Bora, the Maldives or Bali, however there are many lovely places right here in Australia that couples choose for a ‘getting away from it all wedding’.  One of the best is the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Before I get to that – as an inveterate traveller, I LOVE overseas destinations for all sorts of reasons, but getting married would not be one of them as there are too many ‘What ifs?” for my tidy brain.  A marriage in a country other than Australia is viewed by Australian authorities as a valid marriage so long as it complies with Australian law, however you cannot register that marriage in Australia and you cannot use the marriage certificate you received to change your name in Australia.  If, as a bride, you wish to take your husband’s name (or vice versa) you will need to apply to BDM in your state for an official ‘Change of Name’.

Sometimes couples find they have paid a lot of money for an elaborate ceremony that is not a legally binding marriage – I have even heard of a case where the officiant, speaking in another language that the couple didn’t understand actually made fun of them in the ceremony!  Not actually understanding the actual ceremony would bother me – I would want to treasure the words spoken as my beloved and I became husband and wife.

Why then, do so many couples choose a ‘destination wedding’?  Listening to the couples who choose the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland it is because they want more than just a fleeting afternoon/evening of celebration.  They want to gather those closest to them in close, spend some time with them, enjoy their company and just be together for a few days.  The wedding becomes so much more than a wedding – it becomes a celebration of family and friends of love and of the important that these people hold in your life for  your grand celebrations will always be their celebrations.

Being just 30 minutes from Sunshine Coast airport and just over an hour from Brisbane International Airport with accommodation, restaurants and wedding venues to suit all budgets and tastes, is it any wonder that over a thousand couples every year choose the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as the perfect place for their ‘destination wedding.’

If this idea appeals to you, why not give me a call to see how I can work with you to create a  wedding ceremony that perfectly compliments your wedding celebrations.

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