The Ceremony

maleny wedding celebrant

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As an authorised Marriage Celebrant I am qualified to assist you with the many things to consider in the preparation of your wedding ceremony – from ensuring the legal process is followed correctly, to preparing and presenting your personalised wedding ceremony in a manner that suits you.

A typical wedding ceremony is a staged event consisting of the following:

  • Couple’s Arrival: Although one party is often waiting, along with support team, with the Celebrant for the other’s arrival, a more recent trend is for both to have their own entry precession, often combined with escorting the grandparents and parents to their seats after all other guests are seated and then take their places at the altar. This is then followed by the toehr party and their attendants, perhaps escorted by Dad and/or Mum or other close relative or friend.
  • Welcome: everyone is welcome and thanked for coming. Special people, unable to be present, are acknowledged.
  • Introduction of the Couple: Your love story and your beliefs about marriage are told – sometimes as a narrative that brings you to your wedding day.  This is the truly personal part of your ceremony and sets the scene for your vows – the highlight of the ceremony.
  • Reading/song/poem: This allows a close friend or family member to be involved, although it can be said by your celebrant.
  • Celebrant Authority: This is a  requirement by the Marriage Act 1961 and very little variation is allowed.
  • Family Blessings or Blessings of the Gathering: Your parents, immediate family or all the guests are given the opportunity to publicly declare their love and support for you both and for your marriage.
  • The Asking: This is where you each get to say “I do.”  This is not a required part of the marriage ceremony, but a traditional element that many like to include.
  • Vows: The absolute highlight and heart of your ceremony and the reason why we are all together.  You may choose to write your own, be guided by me or use traditional vows, but they must include the words:  “I call upon everyone present to witness that I, ‘name’, take you, ‘name’ to be my lawful wedded wife / husband /spouse).
  • Ring Exchange: – may include another reading
  • Unity Ritual: This optional segment allows you to symbolically demonstrate your union.
  • Declaration of Marriage
  • Kiss
  • Sign the Marriage Register and Certificates
  • Presentation and Congratulations
  • Recessional

The joy of a civil ceremony is that you can have as much or as little of this as you want (with the exception of the Celebrant Authority & the Vows, which  must be included) and, if you have other ideas to ensure your perfect wedding ceremony, you are free to add them in.  Your wedding ceremony can be 5 minutes or 45 minutes, although most are approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length.

To find out how your own, unique ceremony is created, please email me today or phone me on: 0418 980500

Information supplied by Merlin Coughlan, Montville Maleny Marriage Celebrant – available for Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding ceremonies.