Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies are very similar to marriage ceremonies without the legal elements and areAME_Support_Sticker_WebUse-70w often chosen by people for whom marriage is not desired or not yet a legal option – for example same-sex couples or couples where at least one is not free to marry, but are still in a legal relationship. Many couples choose to hold a commitment ceremony as a precursor to registering a civil partnership.

Commitment ceremonies, whilst not legally binding, are nevertheless still a profoundly moving experience for the couple involved as well as for their guests. It is no small thing to publicly declare your love for another as you commit to spending all of your lives together as a couple.  Many couples have a commitment ceremony as a part or registering their relationship with state government authorities. I am also a Civil Partnership Notary and can perform a ceremony for couples who aren’t as yet entitled to be married but who want legal recognition of their relationship.

Couples choosing a Commitment Ceremony receive the same high level of professional service and personalised care as those wishing for a Marriage Ceremony. As there is no legal element to this ceremony my fee is reduced.  Once Marriage Equality becomes law in Australia I will complete the legalities for only the cost difference between your commitment ceremony fee and a full wedding fee – usually only $100.

If you are considering this option, please look through the information given for weddings.

I perform Commitment Ceremonies in parks and gardens, at reception centres, restaurants and art galleries, at one of our wonderful B&Bs or resorts, in family homes or holiday houses – each one being special in its own right.

I believe that your ceremony should be unique to you as a couple and so I will take the time to get to know you and something of your personal journey – how you came to be at this point when you know that your lives must continue together. This story is then woven into your ceremony in a way that suits your desires and reflects your chosen style for the day.

A Commemorative Certificate is presented to the couple as a part of the ceremony.