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Montville Maleny Marriage Celebrant

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Merlin Coughlan

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Have you sat through a wedding ceremony looking at your watch, wondering “How much longer?”  The ceremony is (Yawn) boring and you can’t wait for it to be over and the fun to start!
How about a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple, you laugh at their ‘in-jokes’, you rejoice in their special bond, you feel the emotion of their commitment. This ceremony is all about the bride and groom. Each guest is completely in the moment and loving the ceremony!
If this is the wedding ceremony for you, why not give me a call to chat with you about the possibilities

I promise: Personality, Professionalism, Presentation, Performance Sunshine Coast weddings

Personality: I am a good listener, friendly, supportive, relaxed and fun.  I know that a really fabulous wedding ceremony is a great way to begin your celebrations, I understand you don’t want your guests to be bored. Maleny marriage celebrant   

Professionalism:  I practise my craft regularly and regularly reflect on my performance. I respond to your questions and queries quickly and accurately thereby showing my enthusiasm to bring you the very best wedding ceremony possible.  I undertake regular training to ensure I remain up to date with all the legal matters pertaining to marriage, so you can be confident that everything will be done correctly.

Presentation:  I love to ‘frock-up’ and dress to fit in with the majority of my celebrant outfits being professional, elegant, neutral coloured suits that do not overshadow you or your important guests. Having said this, if you want me to dress in costume, I am ‘in like Flynn because I love dress-ups.”   My voice is well modulated and clear  whilst remaining relaxed and warm.  I use a quality PA system to ensure your guests hear every word.

Performance: I listen to your ideas, offer you suggestions and translate all of that into a truly beautiful ceremony.  I will present your ceremony with warmth, sincerity, panache and an appropriate mix of humour and gravitas.

I understand that most of my couples live over an hour away from their Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding location and that meetings with various service suppliers often need to be coordinated into a single day or weekend.  I am available week days as well as weekends for meetings and phone chats.

All you need to do is drop me an email or make a quick phone call (0418 980500) set up a meeting.

  • I am the Montville, Maleny, Flaxton marriage celebrant of choice for the wonderful wedding venues in the  Sunshine Coast Hinterland  and the beautiful countryside surrounding these lovely Sunshine Coast Hinterland villages.
  • I limit the number of weddings I do to ensure I always have time to provide personalised attention to you.
  • The couples with whom I work come from all over the world, so working with you from a distance is no problem.
Dearest Merlin
I wanted to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you and deepest appreciation for what you did for us on our wedding day.   I am sure there are many wedding celebrants out there who do great work, but you, Merlin are something different.  We felt like we had known you for years the moment we first met you, that you understood us and our love and commitment toward each other.  We were 100% confident that we had made the right choice well before the big day.
The day of our wedding was the happiest day of our lives and our ceremony was everything we had hoped and more.  It was romantic, genuine, with just the right amount of humour.  It was completely us in every way and we can’t thank you enough for that.  Your gentle yet firm nature, your calmness and poise helped us both feel at ease.
We don’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone we know getting married and hope to see you again in the future.
Kind Regards
John & Angie   Maleny marriage celebrant

I love being a marriage celebrant – and it shows in my attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to meet your needs.  A wedding in Montville, Flaxton and Maleny is always a special event, be it a grand and elaborate celebration, an intimate honouring of your love and commitment in a romantic elopement – always memorable, always wonderful.  This is why I have been regular ABIA finalist – 2011:


Marriage Celebrant finalist in Australian Bridal Academy awards

Why not contact  me today to see if I am available as yourwedding celebrant for your Montville, Maleny or Flaxton.  Information supplied by Montville Maleny Marriage celebrant, Merlin Coughlan, Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding celebrant

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